The City of Midland has issued a boil water notice for the entire city. The city of Midland said in their press conference that the boil water notice will be in place for the next two days, with the notice hopefully lifted by mid-day on Saturday.  The water boil notice has been issued due to a water main break from the ground source water and issues at the water plant.

Since the notice was issued because the city says its plant cannot "treat water to standard specification", that could mean it will take longer to rescind the notice.

Water will need to be boiled for at least one minute. Any water being used for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables, preparing food and baby formula, making ice, or giving to pets should be boiled vigorously for at least two minutes and then cooled.


You can shower but for anything else, you are encouraged to boil water for everything. Restaurants are allowed to stay open but must boil any water used. You are also advised to not drink fountain drinks, only drinks from bottles or cans at this time.

Your water may appear murky or have a bad smell. City officials have compared our water to lake water.

Remember when you go to buy ice and water you are not the only people who need water. Help your neighbors if you can. Keep in mind there are elderly and people with small children who will be in desperate need of water, so please only take only what you need.

Midland Mayor Patrick Peyton and city officials will provide another update at 10pm.




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