The Facebook Page says June. No specific date, just "Coming In June". And perhaps that will be the month Chuy's chooses to hold some sort of "Grand Opening" to the public, after an earlier, what they call "soft" grand opening a few weeks prior, to 'get the kinks out'. You know-blow the construction dust out, let the wait staff get some time on the floor in before the huge crowds, let the kitchen staff get comfortable with the new equipment and surroundings, etc. You know the drill. Yes-all things released publicly say JUNE is the month. But I stopped by the new Midland location today and talked with some of the workers in various trades, and they say mid-May is a more likely target for a soft opening.

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One worker told me that all the dining room stuff was in, and they were done with most of the building. The worker also said they're waiting on a delivery of equipment for the kitchen and some cabinetry/tables, and the electricians are there for the next 4 weeks. That puts us at May 16th. The outside photos don't do it justice, and for obvious reasons, no one there was willing to take my camera inside and snag a few inside shots for this story for fear of getting in trouble... But if you're as excited as I am about the new place that used to house Midland's Logans Roadhouse location on Loop 250 right across the parking lot from Bahama Buck's and all it will offer as Chuy's--then I look forward to seeing you there! (And perhaps even a bit earlier than publicized!!).

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