The Andrews Christmas parade is tomorrow night (Friday, December 3rd) at 7 pm, and there will be bands coming from all over Texas to participate with and show support for Andrews' Band and the recent tragedy and loss they went thru. In addition to the festivities and amazing holiday music, stop by and see Chuckwagons For Children. They'll be located by the light show with three authentic Chuckwagons from the 1800s for the family to see and take photos with. They'll also be selling peach cobbler with proceeds benefitting Andrews neighbors in need. You can buy a cup for $2, 3 cups for $5, a half order for $15, or a full order for $30. They will also be providing free Cowboy Coffee while supplies last.

There is also a bunch of other things happening in Andrews as well, as it's a full weekend of family fun in Andrews. To find out more about the happenings this weekend, click HERE.

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