If you are one of many who had a live Christmas tree this year, you are probably looking for a place to take it. If you don't dispose of your tree properly, you could be fined with improper disposal.

In Ector County there is a burn ban in place, so please don't try to burn your trees, unless you chop it up and use it for firewood in your own fire place.

In Odessa, you can take your tree to the Time Machine on 42nd or for a donation you can have the Girl Scouts come and pick them up.

In Midland there are several drop off locations, Hogan Park behind the Armory, the yard waste drop-off site north of the Claydesta Post Office off of Airpark and ReCom Resource Recovery located at 4705 W. Industrial.

Artificial tree will not be accepted at these locations. If you are wanting to get rid of an artificial tree, think about donating it to a local organization.

Once again, not disposing of your tree properly could lead to a fine.


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