I've said it before and I'll say it again-I think the time to decorate for Christmas is the Friday and the following weekend AFTER Thanksgiving. Not sure why we are always in such a rush to get to the next thing that we can't enjoy the here and now. But that seems to be the new norm these days. Like when summer isn't over yet and all you see are posts on social media about being ready for pumpkin spice and hoodies. It never ceases to amaze me--my reaction is always HOW CAN YOU BE READY TO BE DONE WITH POOL WEATHER?!?!?!

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But here we are. Not even halfway thru November and the lights are coming on all across the Permian. Here are some shots from Midland:


Some of the houses in my neighborhood look as if they had a company come out and do their lights--either that, or my neighbors are pros with extremely steady hands and great workmanship skills to make this all look so even and beautiful. And please understand that I absolutely LOVE Christmas and all the things the season brings with it (well, except for snow-but thankfully we don't get much of that here in the Basin). I just think that we need to take things a bit slower and enjoy holidays in succession. Next up: Thanksgiving. Let's enjoy the turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and all the fixins and then watch some football and take a nap. THEN we can put up the tree!!!

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