I know it may seem early to talk about this--heck, I'm one who constantly complains about how stores put all their holiday displays up so early every year and how we can't get thru one holiday without moving on to the next one before one's even over... But if you're anything like me--you wait until the last minute to do ANY kind of shopping for the holidays... I'm usually the guy who's running to the stores before they all close for the day on December 24th grabbing last minute things from ideas I've been procrastinating about for a few months... Then--along comes AMAZON with their adjusted date for Prime Day! So excited to sit on line and do it all from my keyboard this year! Mark your calendars Christmas Shopping Procrastinators! Our special day to save money and get it all done this year will be Tuesday, October 13th! Now all I have to do is get the lists from family members to find out who wants what! Good luck out there and happy clicking!

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