Many people have long standing traditions every holiday season with their families. Maybe it's taking turns at who hosts all the holiday celebrations, maybe it's a certain set of decorations placed out every year that have been passed down generation to generation... Maybe, it's something as simple as what the spread is for the holiday feast each year and each family member has a signature dish they bring to the party. Then there's the gold standard singing Christmas Carols together as a family, like they do in every Hallmark Christmas movie each year.

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Whatever your traditions are, each generation has the choice of keeping things just as they are, or adding their own twist to whatever it may be. My wife and I have been married a little over 4 years now and we each bring kids from a previous marriage into the new family unit. No-we don't have as many as the Brady Bunch (insert theme song here), but we do have ages that range from 22 down to 14. And something she does with my step daughter is bake Christmas Cookies.

Everyone has their favorites. So they try to make a batch so there's something exciting on the tray for everyone. This year is a little different for us because my step daughter isn't joining us for Christmas until AFTER the holiday-so my wife is doing all of her baking solo. I'm still hoping for my all-time favorite "wedding cake cookies" when she's finished. You know those--the white ones with the nuts in them and the powdered sugar coating:


Whatever goodies you're having, or whatever your traditions are--I wish you a safe and Happy Holiday! And cheers to a great 2021 for all of us!

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