Thor: Love and Thunder is headed to theaters this summer, and we're starting to get a better idea of what each character is actually going to look like. Last week, we got a look at Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor costume in the form of a new action figure. Now, a LEGO set has revealed Christian Bale's character of Gorr the God Butcher.

In the Marvel Comics, Gorr is a supervillain who grew up on a nameless, barren planet with scarce resources. After his mother, mate, and children died, he doubted the gods' existence due to their lack of aid in his life. When he discovered they did exist but chose not to intervene, he vowed to destroy them all — including Thor. Taika Waititi's upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder will be the character's Marvel Cinematic Universe debut.

The LEGO set — titled "The Goat Boat" — is a 564-piece design that includes the Asgardian vessel in addition to five minifigures. One of those minifigures is Gorr, depicted with a sickly gray complexion and wrapped in tattered white clothes. He is seen wielding what appears to be his weapon of choice, "All-Black the Necrosword," which was formed by Knull using the head of a slain Celestial.

Check out the images below:

Bale is the second former Batman actor to now portray a Marvel villain, the first being Michael Keaton, who portrayed Vulture in 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. He will act alongside Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Portman as Jane Foster/Mighty Thor, and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8.

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