You hear about celebrities paying off teacher's wish lists on amazon, if fact just last week we learned of Blake Shelton doing it for one Texas teacher.

Over the weekend, my cousin, who is a teacher in Lubbock that teaches Family and Consumer Science. In the class they focus on basic life skills like self confidence, relationships, budgeting, nutrition, and sewing. She also teaches a leadership class that focuses on citizenship, community service, preparing meals and teaching her students how to make a difference in the world.

For their community project her leadership class wanted to grow a garden, so she put the supplies on her Amazon wish list.  Over the weekend she got an email saying her list had been cleared and there was a message from Chip Gaines. Yes, that Chip Gaines of "Fixer Upper."

It came with a note from Chip, "Here's what I know: Those kids need you. We all need need you. Keep up the great work." Chip Gaines.

This couldn't have happen to a better person. Lacey puts her whole heart into her students, she always has.

After word got out that this had happened, someone came in an provided all the seeds for the garden. 


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