I am not one to really watch videos on social media unless they just really draw me in. I have a Tiktok but I don't know how to use it. People send me videos all the time and people follow me but other than that I don't know two things about it. It also kind of annoys me when people say here watch this video yet I find myself doing it to people all of the time. What makes me the maddest is when I start watching a video waiting to see what is going to happen and then I find out that it's 20 minutes long. It always happens to me when I am trying to watch a pimple popper video and they keep dragging it out and then at the end it winds up being fake. By the way, if I am going to watch a video on social media it's probably going to be a pimple popper video. There are some videos out there that are completely dumb and so are so dang funny you can't quit watching them.

This video I can't stop watching and I don't know why. It makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it. I guess probably because we all know people in life, that bug the crap out of you and just want to go beat them. It's the perfect portrayal of parents and children, how the kids are bugging them, and then when the parents try to get them they act like they weren't doing anything the entire time. Check out this video and tell me it doesn't keep you laughing.

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