The Dallas Cowboys hold a special place in many of our hearts. I think everyone can remember the very first game they went to a game or the first time they visited the new stadium, or the last time they were at Texas Stadium. Many remember when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, which caused my grandpa to stop being a Cowboys fan and never watch them again unless I begged to watch the game at Thanksgiving. I know so many people remember when Jerry fired Jimmy Johnson when the team was winning Super Bowls.

You may have had a Roger Staubach jersey or maybe an Aikman one. Everyone remembers the big three, Michael, Emmit, and Aikman. I was such a fan of Tony Romo long before he ever became a starter. I would call the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop in the mall every week to see if they had gotten a Romo jersey, and they would always tell me he has to be a starter before they would release his jersey. When he finally became the starter, my co-workers all teamed up to buy me a Romo jersey. Many of you, like me, have pets named after Cowboys players. I had a corgi named Romo. My uncle had a dalmatian named Aikman.

The point being all of us that are Cowboys fans have some memory we will hold in our hearts. Randy Rogers's dad is the reason he is a Cowboys fan today. Randy lost his dad last year, and that is what inspired him to write this song. The song is called "Heart For Just One Team."

I promise you won't be able to listen to this song without it tugging on your heartstrings. It might even put a tear in your eye.

If you are a fan of the Randy Rogers Band, they will be live at the Hacienda this Friday night.



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