When you think about a tropical getaway you typically think of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, not something that you find at your normal Texas beaches. We all know Galveston, Corpus, and Port A are all great places for a beach vacation if you can't get to a tropical beach but they are also not aesthetically pleasing. Let's be honest they aren't what you would call a beautiful beach. I am here to introduce you to an inland oasis you may have never heard of before and it's actually not too far from the Permian Basin.  Let me introduce you to Comal Park.

Comal Park is on the south end of Canyon Lake in the hill country.

Comal Park
Comal Park

Comal Park has two swim-up beaches that are surrounded by beautiful white sand reminding you of being on a Caribbean beach. The water is so blue you really won't believe you are still in Texas. You can also paddleboard or kayak if you are feeling a little more adventurous. If you don't own a kayak or a paddleboard you can rent them from the park.

Boating is also welcome, as Comal Park has two boat ramps.

Comal Park is open from March through October on a first come first serve basis. This is an oasis for the entire family. They also have a playground, sand volleyball court, washer pit, and restrooms.

Comal Park

Comal Park 

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