If you guys heard me talk about getting my gun cerakoted during the show this morning, I am so excited to share it with you. I have always thought the Tiffany Blue guns looked so girl and girls should have one.

I bought my gun years ago it is a  380 Smith and Wesson Bodyguard. Small enough for me but big enough to protect me. After I bought it I always thought it would be neat if it were Tiffany Blue. I would say that to people and they would say you can always get it coated. I thought to myself, yeah that would be cool but where would I get it done and it's probably expensive.

Some of us here at work were all talking about guns one and I said I would like to work with a gun store/company. He comes in a few days later and says I need to check out Cerakote Chick. I looked up her stuff and was amazed. The work she has done is incredible. My friend is a huge Wonder Woman fan and she has two of her guns cerakoted to look like a Wonder Woman product, but I didn't know where she had gotten it done. When I started looking at Cerakote Chick's pictures I spotted it immediately.  So I decided to take my gun there.

When she was asking me what I wanted, I had no idea.  I knew I wanted something that no one else had, something she had never done before and she told me she could do it. I told what I liked and for her to work her magic.

Having no idea what she was going to do, I was speechless when she gave it to me today I absolutely loved it. She can cerakote anything. I also got a cup that matches my gun.

If you are looking for a Father's Day idea, I would say having this done would be a great idea.  In fact I event want to surprise my mom by having hers done, not for Father's Day of course. LOL

Gwendolyn McCown


Here a few examples of what you can have done.



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