Midland is booming with new businesses. Every week a new local business is popping up and we love telling you all about them. Yesterday TerraZZita opened its doors to the public and I got the chance to check it out.

TerraZZita is located at 1501 N Big Spring Street in Midland. You are probably familiar with the place, it has been serval restaurants in the past and you can't miss the giant letters on top of the building. The owners have completely remodeled the place and it's very nice on the inside. Their hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday 11 am-10 pm and Thursday-Sunday 11 am-12 am.

In speaking with the owner yesterday, they told me they wanted a place where families could dine, and those who were looking for something more adult could have a place as well. They want everyone to experience the atmosphere of the place while enjoying great dining and drinks.

On one side you have a restaurant atmosphere for people to sit down and enjoy a meal. On the other side, you can enjoy a more adventurous and adult atmosphere. They have TVs if you want to watch a game. They have room for dancing and a great drink menu.

TerraZZita, the name itself doesn't exactly tell you exactly what type of food they serve. They have taken the best of several cuisines and combined them into one. On the menu, you will find traditional  Mexican dishes, sushi, and seafood.

Here are some of the items you can find on their menu:

Salmon Flaming Hot:

Covered salmon roll, breaded in flaming hot filled with cream cheese.


Roll filled with beef steak rolled in a mozzarella cheese crust

Hauachinango Frito, Diabla Ajillo Y Zarendado:

Fried red snapper with a sauce of your choice, served with rice and french fries


Sauce of your choice, jalapeno/ classic red/ cheese

Tex-Mex Stir Fry:

Grilled Beef or Chicken Fajitas served on a bed of mixed veggies and a side of Rice

While I was there I had the fish tacos and loved them. They also had shrimp tacos. I will definitely be back to check out the check menu.





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