Chase Bryant has learned much from being on the road with Tim McGraw and tells Taste of Country that the two artists still keep in touch.

"We text a lot," Bryant admits during at interview at Country Jam 2016. "We've played a couple dates and keep up on the workout regime. I'd say we're buddies."

While McGraw has shared some of his workout secrets with Bryant, the "Room to Breathe" singer admits that he's advised the superstar on how to step up his emoji game.

"He uses the same fist emoji all the time," Bryant confesses of McGraw. "I told him the other day, 'Dude, you gotta do something different. This is starting to wear me out. This is way too much.' Yeah, he's an emoji guy."

While Bryant says he likes to gives McGraw a hard time, he was nothing but pleasant when he met his wife, Faith Hill. "I was a lot nicer," he admits.

Bryant released his new single "Room to Breathe" on Friday (June 17). Co-written with Derek George and Ashley Gorley, the same writers he wrote "Little Bit of You" with, "Room to Breathe" has a distinct Maroon 5 vibe with danceable beats and smooth vocals from Bryant.

"I'm really excited about getting this one out. It's a lot different for me," he says. "There's a sexy appeal to it that I've never had in another song."

Bryant says he was writing directly towards the girl on "Room to Breathe," but there wasn't one specific girl he had in mind — he's currently "a single guy."

"It makes me dance on stage and I'm not a person that should dance," he says with a laugh. "Eric Paslay is like 6 ft. 9 in. and he dances better than I do."

Country Jam 2016 continues through Sunday (June 19).

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