On the show this morning, we talked about candy and whether or not it was a good reward for students when they accomplish a task or do something correctly, or somehow display outstanding behavior. Gwen's point was that candy is a fine reward and that every kid eats candy. She talked about memories of going thru the bank drive thru and getting a sucker, and getting candy rewards from not only teachers but family as well. And while I do acknowledge that as a kid I also got the sucker in the bank drive-up riding with my parents-it was still a parental choice as to whether or not I got to HAVE it.

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I think that sort of thing is 100% a parental choice. Kids may have allergies to different things teachers may not know about. Then there's the sugar part of it--to which Gwen's counterpoint was that a sucker is small and there's not much sugar in just one. Which is great as long as the rewards are few and far between. No parent wants a hyperactive kid coming home from school. Then there's the dental part of it. The biggest things kids fib about to their parents is whether or not they've brushed their teeth that day. So the last thing that needs to be made worse is adding candy and sugar to the mix and creating more dental bills. We had a teacher call in and say she uses "dumb dumb pops" as treats and has for 26 years and it's been a great tool to get the class to do what she wants them to do because everyone wants the treat. In the end I think it's a parental choice and if a parent signs a permission slip saying it's ok to reward like that, then that's fine. I'd be too afraid to have something happen if someone eats something I've provided. There are other ways to reward besides with candy.

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