The city of Odessa has been through quite the ordeal in the last almost 48 hours. With the mayor and county judge declaring a state of emergency, the citizens of Odessa have had a moment for sure. Late Monday night a mainline water pipe busted, causing flooding and Odessians to be without water going on two days now. This left people scrambling for drinking water, businesses having to close, and people not being able to use their own restrooms.

The allocated water was to be delivered and were able to pass out cases of water to the community. People all over Odessa opened their homes for others to come and fill up their water wells and some businesses even offered to deliver water. This is why I love living here. It's a place where people come together to help each other in a time of need.

Several plastic water bottles on white background
Anna Kim

Yesterday businesses had to close, restaurants had to close and some had to take off work to care for their families due to the lack of water.  This morning the city broke the news that what treatment plant was back up and running but it could take up to 12-14 hours for complete water pressure to be restored.  Many may have their water back, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's safe to use again.

The boil water order is still in effect and hasn't been lifted. If you are going to shower you should still boil your water for at least the next 24 hours. Make sure if you are to drink it or cook with it you boil it.  Restaurants are allowed to be open but must follow the water boil order, so many of them have remained shut.

If in doubt boil your water or use bottled water.  Just like in a foreign country don't open your mouth when you shower until the city says it is safe again.



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