Today is National Girlfriends Day, so the first thing my mind went to..., that today is a day that boyfriends should go out of their way for their girlfriends, but actually it means a day for a woman to celebrate the girlfriends in her life.

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Women can be so petty to each other so I am excited there is a day for women to uplift other women, we women need more of that but I think it's more fun to point out some small things that can be done for us by our significant other.

Yes, I know there is the gold digger type of woman out there but there are also women out there where the small things matter the most to them. Here are 10 small things you can do for your girlfriend that let her know that you care.

1. Call her or text her for no reason just to tell her you are thinking about her.

2. Suprise her with flowers for no reason. So many say "I don't like to buy flowers because they die." That is true but it won't hurt you to do it every once in a while. It's not about you, it's about making her feel special.

3. Suprise here with a date that you plan. Whether it's breakfast lunch or dinner, you plan it and take care of everything.

3. Leave a sweet note for her to find. Doesn't have to be a long drawn-out letter or some romantic poem, it shows her you took the time to think about her.

4. Kiss Her On The Forehead. That is a sign of, I am not after something else, I just want you to know I care.

5. Dance with her! Whether it's in the kitchen or living room or back porch, dance with her.

6. Make her favorite meal, and show her that you do pay attention to the things she loves.

7.  Hold Her Hand In Public.  It may seem dumb but it means a lot to us girls.

8. Watch Her Favorite Show With Her. Even if you can't stand it, for just one night watch it with her and don't be playing on your phone the whole time.

9. Give Her A Massage. YOU do it! If it's simply just rubbing her shoulders or her feet, let her have that moment.

10 Run Her A Bath. Let her know that you know she needs some relaxation and a little alone time. It won't hurt to pour her a glass of wine and light a candle.


Ladies, can you think of a few more you would like to add? Guys I am trying to get you some brownie points.


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