Today may not be the official Bring Your Dog To Work day but today I brought the dog. Although she doesn't think of herself as a dog but a baby.

No, I haven't gotten a dog, she is my parents dog. Bella is a 6 year old tiny Yorkie and I do love her so much. But my life has been a little different baby sitting the dog. I have to remember she is there, I have to let her out to go to the bathroom, I have to remember to feed her and give her water. It has been over a year and a half since I have a dog. I lost Romo in September of 2019.

Everyone wanted me to bring her to work this morning. I don't know how you moms do it out there. I applaud you guys. Because me trying to get Bella and I packed up and ready to go work plus feed her and everything else. When I got to work I had to bring her in and then go back and get her stuff and mine stuff. It's a lot of work and this is just for a dog.

My parents fix her an egg every morning so I did the same this morning and I thought I could put it on a plate and she would just eat it. Nope! I have to feed it to here but you in true Gwen style I didn't have time, so I had to feed her here at work.

Having a baby, even if it is a fur baby, is something that takes getting used to. Hats off to all you mom's, I don't know who you do it. 


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