This morning around 1:30 am Odessa Police received a call of a man on East 56th pointing a shotgun at a male and female. Currently OPD, SWAT, and the Crisis Negotiation Team are on site.

At this time the man is believed to be the only individual in the home and is considered armed and dangerous, according to Steve LeSuer

The neighborhood is be evacuated at this time.

According to our new partners NewsWest 9:


The suspect is a male in his 30s, we're told he is facing two counts of aggravated assault and felony charges at this time. It is possible for other charges to be added.

He has a history of violence, narcotics and assault, police said.

Authorities consider him armed and dangerous.

At this time SWAT and the crisis team are negotiating with him. The suspects home is located on 55th Street near Goliad Elementary and authorities are  hoping to have the suspect in custody before school hours.

We will keep you up to date from our new partners NewsWest 9.

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