If you happen to be road-tripping east this weekend--head to Fort Worth! It's a great weekend to stop at Billy Bob's and see a show. Billy Currington is on stage tonight (Fri 10/1) and Ray Wylie Hubbard on Saturday. They have added Wade Bowen to the iconic Wall Of Fame with QR codes you can scan under each artists' handprint on the wall to read all about their career and path to fame. Up on the wall for you to read all about include names like Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and more. So not only do you get to see your favorite artists come thru and perform, but you also get to find out more about them, and some things you may not have known about past favorites who are no longer with us. October's schedule is packed full of names you know and love--like Randall King on the 8th, Jon Pardi on the 9th and 10th, Cole Swindell on the 22nd, Terri Clark on the 23rd, Lee Brice on the 29th, and wrapping up the month is Roger Creager on the 30th.

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And now they've added Bull Riding this month. They've added a new Bull Riding Arena and played host to The Bull Riding Finals and a new champion, where Harley Rowland of Lipan, Texas won the shiny buckle! I have yet to visit Billy Bob's but am excited for all the shows coming between now and the end of the year. See more about what's on the list for November and December by clicking HERE!

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