What's that? Behind that stump? Rustling in the bushes in the moonlight? Do you hear that? Wait! Was that a shadow running towards those trees? 

In the US--he's called Bigfoot. In Mexico--he's Sisimito. But whatever you call him-you wouldn't want to run into him all by yourself on a dark moonlit path at night while taking a walk or going on a late-night hike. Down thru the ages, there have been stories and legends passed from generation to generation that this mysterious creature exists, although there's no concrete proof--yet. Some 'photographers' have claimed to have captured images of him-but all they end up being are blurred photographs of what could be ANYTHING--a forest animal, a person dressed a certain way... All of it is left up for interpretation by the viewer. Most of the sightings have been to the north, but Texas isn't left out of the picture...

Warning Bigfoot Area Stay on Marked Trails Sign on Tree
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There are reports all the time of mysterious figures seen in the more secluded areas of the state, especially under cover of the night or inclement weather. Nowadays with virtually everyone having a camera on their person 24/7 with cell phones, we are certain to capture better images and video than those who came before us. That is-when weather permits.


The bottom line is this--no one really knows for sure if BIGFOOT really exists or not. And until he is officially captured and put on display for the world to see-we'll keep sharing reports of encounters with the strange and unexplained throughout the state. And if you're planning a trip to the brush for an extended walk or hike-best advice is to do it on a nice day while the sun is out. Otherwise--DON'T GO ALONE.

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