As we know this time of year is prime for snakes. Snakes can be anywhere literally anywhere, even right in front of your face.

This is a 100% true story, that happen to my neighbor. My neighbors were visiting some friends and they were sitting outside watching the weather when they heard something hissing.  There it was a snake in the wreath hanging on the front door.

The crazy thing is my neighbor's wife had just opened the door and gone in the house, putting her face just inches from the snake. You might say that is an odd place for a snake to crawl up.

Apparently birds had built a nest in the wreath and he saw it has dinner. So be careful this summer snakes can be anywhere. If you do encounter a snake move away as slowing but as quickly as possible. Don't make sudden moves. Beware if it is coiled, has it's tail raised, or is hissing and rattling it's tail. 


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