Not all Whataburgers are created equal. Some are actually better at creating Texas' favorite burgers than others. If you've ever waited close to an hour in the drive-thru line just to get a mediocre, room-temperature burger and fries, you know what I'm talkin' about.

We now know which city in the Lone Star State is home to the best Whataburger location, and which city is home to the worst. SPOILER ALERT: Sorry Killeen and Temple, but you didn't make the list.


Whataburger is a true Texas staple if there ever was one. The history of Whataburger is well documented, so no need to re-educate you on their humble beginnings in Corpus Christi in 1950 to now having more than 900 locations across 14 states.

But as much as we love our national treasure burger chain, some locations are just better than others when it comes to satisfaction. The average Google rating for Whataburger in Texas is 4.1 stars, so according to a San Antonio Express-News analysis of Google data, we know exactly what city in Texas has the best and where you'll find the worst rated Whataburgers.

The Worst

Let's get the bad news out of the way early and save the best for last.

According to The Laredo Morning Times, results were determined for cities with at least 20 locations with at least 100 reviews per location. With that in mind, Austin, Texas Whataburgers finished last. The analysists shows 80% of Austin Whataburgers came in with below average reviews. Dallas Whataburgers were just ahead of Austin with 77% with Fort Worth in with 75%.

The Best

The top three cities with the best reviews were San Antonio at #3 with 67% of ratings coming in above average, Corpus Christi at #2 with 65% above average ratings and El Paso at #1 with 86% above average ratings.

A Deeper Dive

A closer look also showed where the best ranked Whataburger in the state was and that honor goes to the location at McPherson & Shiloh in Laredo, Texas with a 4.6 stars. Laredo had 4 of the top 10 locations but was excluded because they didn't have the required 100 reviews for 20 locations.

So next time you're passing through Laredo, Texas and feel the need to grab a bite, remember that the Whataburgers there are doing it right.

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