Doesn't matter what the occasion is--Graduation, Wedding, Birthday, Family Photos--we all want a beautiful background when capturing the moment and the memories. A background that will surround the people or events we care about and make the pictures shine even brighter when we look back. Having moved to the Permian Basin less than a year ago (although my one year is approaching fast!)--I need your help.

I need your help finding the perfect place outdoors in our region that will be the perfect backdrop for photos. I don't want a studio or a store with a camera--I want to be outdoors with our nature in the background to showcase what a beautiful area we live in. So--if you have a special place like that--where you take YOUR family or significant other to have photos taken--I would love to know where that is. If you don't mind sharing it with me.

Doesn't need to be complicated. Looking for either somewhere with a variety of scenery--like a park with a pool with rocky hiking paths and a grassy area so that there can be a wide variety of photos taken, or just some scenic rock formations people can sit on and get some pictures taken. Now all that's left is to find a day that's not too hot and not too windy so dust and dirt aren't blowing across everyone's faces and getting in their hair as we attempt pictures. Wish us luck and Thank You for any suggestions! You can comment below or send them here.

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