If you're anything like me--you watch the game for BOTH the game AND the commercials (although this year I wonder how creative the commercials will be, given the last year and what we've all been thru)... But you can't enjoy either of those things to their full potential--without the perfect snacks to go with it! So--I thought I'd share a recipe for some amazing chili cheese dip my wife made for LAST year's game--that I'm attempting to talk her into making again for this Sunday. She found it on line at a website called "How To Nest For Less" and it's amazing. Here's a LINK to the recipe and instructions!

There's always the typical "we're going to order pizzas" thing, where the discussion always boils down to 'what toppings'... I'm a just cheese guy, a pepperoni guy, or to a degree-supreme. Just can't do mushrooms or anchovies. I'm also still in the process of finding my favorite pizza place--having just moved here from the pizza city--Chicago--6 months ago. I don't believe anyone here attempts the Chicago Deep Dish--which is fine because I'm a thin crust fan anyway. So far--my favorite out of the handful I've tried is MD Pizza off the loop. I love the "Mayra Melody" specialty one they do. Delicious!

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Or--skip the pizza and stop by and pick up some wings. Then there's the bowls of chips and pretzels--which may or may not be a thing this year based on social distancing and being safe. One of the things I also enjoy are the "Flipz" chocolate covered pretzels--and those come in small enough bags you could pick up a bag or two for each person watching.

So many ideas. However you snack--ENJOY THE GAME! And GO CHIEFS!!!!!

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