When I first heard about this, I thought no way this can't be true, how could our beloved Buc-ee's do this to someone trying to buy their products and spend money in their store?

According to MYSA,  a couple from Ohio, who are long haul truckers, decided to stop at the Buc-ee's location in Baytown outside of Houston.  A few years ago, the couple sold their home and decided to live and work out of their big rig. If you have ever been to Buc-ee's, you know they are not a truck stop and do not allow trucks in their parking lots. If you look at the signpost going into their parking lots, it shows a picture of a semi-truck and trailer. The couple had recently dropped off their load and trailer in Houston and saw large RVs and trucks with trailers in the parking lot, so they thought they would be ok.  The semi only took up two parking spaces; the other vehicles took up more, again having the couple thinking they would be ok.

The woman had picked out some outfits for her grandchildren and was standing in front of the beef jerky wall when an employee confronted them and asked them to leave immediately.

"We were seriously just taking in the atmosphere. They approached us and asked my husband if it was his truck," Thompson said. "'You are not allowed to purchase anything here, you have to leave now,' and I was still holding my items that they were telling me I'm not allowed to buy."  MYSA

The couple was forced to leave their items behind and escorted out of the store, being told they could not purchase anything because they had parked their semi there.

The woman's question to Buc-ee's is, how are we not any different than an RV, "this is where we live."

If you ask me, I think this is extreme. Why kick the couple out? Why not just ask them to move the truck and allow them to spend money in your store? I understand the rule about not semis and trailers but the woman did have a point when she said, they get their inventory from truck drivers. Be careful to not bite the hand that feeds you.

The woman said, she has reached out to Buc-ee's a couple of times with no response and after posting the story on social media, fellow truckers have said they have had the same experience.

"You know, your store has to receive deliveries, and that's one thing that bothers us truckers the most," Thompson said. "We're good enough to bring your fuel and products, but we're not good enough to shop in your stores?"  MYSA

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