As you guys know five weeks ago I had a procedure done at Medical Spa of Midland with Dr. Durgen. I keep telling you this has been life changing for me, now you can see just how life changing.

Thanks to genetics it would not have mattered how much weight I lost I was still going to have fat deposit in my arms and they have been big all my life, something I have struggled with. I had a procedure called brachioplasty, which is basically an arm lift.

You don't know how excited I was to find out someone right here in Midland did this procedure. I have looked into to many time but I was going to have to travel to get it done.

Dr.Durgen removed 2 and half pounds of skin from each arm an used liposuction to remove the remaining fat. As of four weeks after surgery, I had lost five inches in each arm, most people lose that in their waist not their arms.

People don't see me as someone who struggles with confidence, but this was a real issue for me. It was very hard to find a coat that I could get my arms into. It was hard to find button us shirts, if they fit everywhere else they wouldn't fit in the arms. It was a real struggle.

Someone else said  me they recognized me from a distance because they knew those arms anywhere. That has stuck with me forever. Now I don't have these gigantic arms. My life has truly been changed.

Every time I put on something that used to be tight on my arms its so exciting.

Medical Spa of Midland offers many procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, full mommy makeovers, and skin removal.

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