I need your help! Over the past several years I have had the honor of working with the organization 3:11 Ministries. 3:11 Ministries is an organization that works hand in hand with our local schools to provide for kids in need.

One of the main reasons I love working with this organization, is because they work on a need basis, not a hand out. 3:11 Ministries works directly with the counselors of our local schools to find out the children who have a true need.  During the school year, 3:11 Ministries provides clothing and shoes during the school year and even coats. During the holidays, they provide each of the kids a blanket, socks, and stocking, but we all know kids want more than that for Christmas.

Last year when I found out that some of these kids were not just asking for toys like most normal kids, they were asking for food, and electricity back in their home. I couldn't stand the thought of a child asking for food for Christmas, so I am asking for your help.

So far this year 3:11 Ministries has 1100 kids are going to be without  Christmas if we don't help. So I am asking you, if you can to adopt one of these families for Christmas.

I myself have a sponsored a family. All you have to do is visit Midland County Angels on Facebook and look for a family you can help. You can sponsor a family. There are families of all sizes. For example some of these kids just want grocery gift cards, dolls, legos, clothes or even something small.

For information you can visit their Midland County Angels on Facebook or call 432-218-7413.

Here is an example of a family's needs:


special delivery

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