When we ate at The Barn Door in Odessa--we fell in love with the old-time charm the minute we walked in the door. The staff was very friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere was filled with happy people and the smell of great food. In fact, there was a group right across from us that was celebrating a birthday. We were seated almost right away, and it didn't take long after really looking around at the decor and the colors to know we were transported to a different time in West Texas. Tons of memorabilia in every direction you looked. I also had never heard any of the stories about the place before. We just happened to be driving by and thought we'd stop in spontaneously.

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The menu had a nice variety and was really friendly to even the pickiest of palates, with something for virtually everyone. We placed our order, and my wife excused herself to go to the restroom. It was then I felt the cold spot. It swept past me across my shoulders from right to left, as if someone just walked around the back of my chair and onward down the path between tables. But there was no one visibly there. A few seconds later my wife returned to the table. I didn't say anything to her about what had just happened because I felt silly. Once the meal came, we enjoyed our food and drinks, had a little dessert and went home. It wasn't until later--I happened to mention to a coworker we had gone and the immediate response was "That place is haunted!". I believe it!

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