When it comes to winter weather in the Midland-Odessa area, not only does it mean most people work from home or take a PTO day, schools all get cancelled for the day and some businesses don't open for the safety of their employees, not to mention that foot traffic in general is greatly reduced. It also means that the frigid temperatures and wind chills have an effect on your tires. So if you're headed to work and trudging thru this morning--chances are you'll see the picture above in YOUR car when you turn the key this morning.

Because the air temperature causes the air in your tires to condense--you may get a tire pressure warning. Here's the thing though: DON'T IGONORE IT and just think you'll be ok. Head to a gas station and put some air in your tires and bring them up to recommended pressure. Chances are after you drive for about 20 minutes or so--the pressure may return to normal or near normal after the air in your tires warms up. But why take a chance and get stranded? Let's all be safe out there today and we'll look forward to warming up again here in a day or two!

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