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Me and my man split but while we were together we got a dog together. Well, he gets to see the dog on the weekends and I have the dog during the week. Well, the other day I asked him for DOG SUPPORT. I have the dog during the entire week and I'm the one that takes him to the vet, basically, I'm paying for everything for our dog and feel it's only right that he help. He says we share responsibility and when the dog is with him he pays for stuff and when he's with me I do. Yeah, but I have him for the entire week. I'm just saying help out a little more. Not much to ask for right?


I feel like the only thing he should be helping with is vet bills. If he isn’t then it’s your dog and he has to stop seeing it

Jobi said it perfectly.

Fellas that are actually on "child" support... what's y'all's input??

Ray Ray
Look, I don't think dog support is needed. There is a lot of other things going on in your world. Take care of your dog when he's with you. End of story. If the dog is at his house, take care of him. when the dog is at her house she takes care of him. Need to buy some things, then buy them. And if she doesn't like it, then she can split the dog time evenly with him

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