Listener Wrote: Just came back from visiting my best friend out of town. I stayed with her and her husband. It was a great weekend visit except for 1 thing. So, one morning I totally saw my besties MAN NAKED walking from their bedroom into the bathroom. He literally came out of the room into the hallway into the bathroom. Um, I was down the hall and saw it all. But here's the thing I'm not sure he knows I saw him, but either way I did not tell my bestie and I really don't want to but what if he did see me catch him and tells her??


Gurrrlll just stay silent.... don't start no mess or else you will never be going back

Rather you like what you saw or not, you need to tell your best friend. Otherwise you'd make yourself out to have other reservations, if he saw you peeking.

Its his home ..and why are u making a big deal ..maybe he forgot you were there..I swear some of these questions are ridiculous

I say tell her. It’s his house and he’s gonna do what he does. He prolly forgot you were there. If you enjoyed it, say sorry I saw your man naked and I see why she’s with him. And if you didn’t you could say after seeing him naked you don’t know why she’s with him. But regardless you do need to say something.

I would have announced it in front of both of them laughing all the way! He probably forgot you were there! They both probably would have died of embarrassment lol oh well

Yea honey I'm sure he is definitely not going to tell his woman, hey I was walking naked from our room to the bathroom and your friend saw me. See how dumb that sounds . Yea?? Just be quiet

Who cares no big deal. Keep it moving

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