We all love to hear stories about people who totally just lose it and cause a scene when leaving a job! You know, like the Johnny Paycheck song "Take This Job and Shove It!  Or one of our personal favorites is when Arenetta quit her radio job by going on a several-minute tirade on the air, letting everyone know just how she felt. Or how about the woman who quit Wal-Mart over the loudspeaker spilling the tea on all of her co-workers? All fantastic stories and things we wish we could do someday. But more and more people are starting to quietly quit their jobs, are you one of them?

Quietly Quitting

Quietly Quitting is not actually quitting your job but it is where you become withdrawn and worn out with a job you don't apply yourself to anymore. It is where you stop caring enough to put forth any extra effort, if any at all. You are definitely not going to go out of your way to add extra effort to anything.

It's not when you quit your job. It just means you stop caring so much and refuse to go the extra mile. So work is NOT your top priority. Basically, you choose to only perform your specific job duties. So instead of giving 110%, you back it off to whatever you can get away with and not get fired.

Many believe this is a product of the pandemic. During the pandemic, many were given a chance to slow down and not have to do so much and figured out there were things more important than killing themselves for work.

Are you a quiet quitter?

Happy Businesswoman Leaving Job

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