We talked about this on the show this morning--how we all hear the stories about Bridezillas. Ladies who are way over the top when it comes to their wedding and how things will look, who will wear what and stand where, how everything down to the last small detail will go--and they're obsessed with it to the point they can be confrontational. So imagine my surprise when Gwen asked me if I'd ever heard the term GROOMzilla?! It was a first for me--but then she told me the story about how a guy wanted a Star Wars Wedding-and argued with his bride that it was partially HIS day too--and that he wanted dancing Storm Troopers and other things from the Star Wars films to be a part of the wedding and/or reception.

Star Wars Episode III: Celebration Day
Chris Jackson

It's the opinion of this writer that he has a lot to learn--and that the actual wedding day is 100% about the bride... And he's going to need to learn the words "Yes, Dear" very quickly :-)

My wife's Ex is obsessed with Star Wars--so even if I wanted something like that it would be completely off the table. But if I were going that route I'd want something like a destination wedding in the Caribbean. We DID do a destination wedding but we made it close--around the lake from Chicago in St. Joseph Michigan. But we did it on the beach which made it feel tropical.

I think, as the Groom--it's much more important to focus on making the day memorable for your guests and your Bride. But perhaps in this "new world" we're living in these days with so much changing on how people look at things and what's acceptable and what isn't--maybe that tide is changing. And if so--get used to hearing "Groomzilla" more often. I bet they'll even do a reality show with the same name.

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