Last Sunday, state and local officials as well as citizens were shocked to find out Midland was getting a migrant holding facility. We learned the federal government had set a migrant holding facility at a local man camp and migrants would be arriving late Sunday night.

Over the weekend West Texans learned there would be another migrant facility set up and migrant children would be arriving to Pecos in April. The Target Lodge Facility is set to house 500 migrant children but can hold up to 2000.

We also no that many of them are coming over

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

and being held here are testing positive for COVID. I thought we were trying to stop the spread of COVID, yet bring more positive people over here.

What gets me is that these "migrant juveniles" are immediately receiving  "educational, medical, mental health, and recreational services until they can be unified with families or sponsors without undue delay," according to HHS.

You know if one of us where to just show up in another country, there is no way on this earth that country would say, yes we will feed you, clothe you, educate you, and give you all the medical attention you need. This is absolutely absurd.

Texas also learned that the federal government was writing and $86 million dollar check to house migrants in hotels in border towns.

According to our news partner NewWest9, here is what we know about each facility in Midland and in Pecos:


  • Water at the Cotton Logistic Man Camp has been deemed unconsumable and only for flushing toilets and washing clothes.
  • The federal government is providing water bottles for the migrants.
  • Midland mayor, Patrick Payton, tells us there are 456 kids at the facility.
  • 60 have tested positive for COVID-19. As of now, no other children are being brought there.
  • Federal agents are installing a high-security fence around the man camp.
  • HHS is working with the man camp, owned by Target Logistics, to transform the property into a holding facility.
  • The town of Pecos tells us the unaccompanied minors have not arrived yet.
  • Pecos was told the migrants would arrive April 2.
  • Local leaders in Pecos were planning on holding a press conference on March 23 to answer more questions about the facility. But due to lack of information from the federal government, Pecos is postponing that press conference until they know more.

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