And I'm not just talking about trucks here-I'm talking about EVERYONE behind the wheel. Where's the fire? Is letting ONE car in ahead of you going to put you THAT far behind schedule that you're doomed for the rest of the day? Whatever happened to courtesy and patience on the road? Imagine if it were your son or daughter or elderly parent on the road-would you want them to be treated this way? I get that nowadays time is a commodity and everyone's time is precious. But letting someone in-especially on a busy road where you're crossing multiple lanes of traffic-is the right thing to do when you have an opportunity to help someone out. I do it all the time because I know it's not going to make me any later than I already am lol.

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The bad part is--and I especially don't understand this when gas prices are the way they are right now--everyone's speeding down our roads here regularly anyway-but they see the traffic light up ahead is RED and it doesn't phase them-they floor it till they get to the intersection then slam on their brakes to stop in time. That one is a great mystery to me too. First, YOU'RE WASTING GAS--second, what you're doing is called "Hurry Up And WAIT" because you're speeding to a RED LIGHT! I'm always tempted when I get up to the intersection when these people come flying past me and I end up next to them-to roll down my window and wave and smile.

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