Heart surgery is scary. I know that this procedure has been around a long time and many who have had it. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger at the age of 70... The condition I have is called Aortic Stenosis, or the shrinking of the aortic valve. So I'm having an Aortic valve replacement done in Dallas on Friday 7/8, and will be off the air for the month of July while I recover. I know Gwen will be just fine keeping you company without me, as she has been over the past almost 20 years, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank not only her for 'holding down the fort', so to speak, while I am out... But to thank YOU as well-the folks who have us on every morning and listen to our silly antics on a daily basis.

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YOU are the reason this job is so much fun for both of us, and YOU are what makes getting up so crazy early every day worth it. I can't tell you how much it's meant to me that you've accepted me as part of this show, and that you've welcomed me to West Texas with open arms and a warm smile. Meeting you in person at live broadcasts and events, talking to you on the listener lines, and even meeting you in the lobby of the station here in Midland when you come to pick up a prize you've won-has been so rewarding for me. THANK YOU for allowing me to come into your household speakers, in your car, at work, or on your mobile device listening on the app--for the last two years. Not trying to be all drama about it-I know I'll be fine thru this surgery and come out better on the other side-but in case that isn't what God has planned-I just wanted you to know how much your hospitality has meant to me.


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