Now that I've been in West Texas for a year and a half, and have travelled these roads thru every season--I feel like I'm established enough to say: When you're on The Loop 250 or 191 and you're driving in the right lane and approaching an on-ramp with a car on it that's looking to merge--GET OVER!!! Move to the left lane to allow people to get on! I can't tell you how many times I've attempted to merge and have to hit my brakes because someone travelling in the right lane hasn't moved to let me on... I do understand that sometimes there are circumstances where you CAN'T get over because there is already a car or truck in the left lane next to you or near you--so there's nowhere you can go. That does happen from time to time. But most of the time you have the space-so please be courteous and scoot!

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And if you're driving a work truck--whether it's a pickup or a semi-please be nice and don't cut folks off just because you're bigger than some of us on the roads. Our kids are also out on these roads with the rest of our loved ones. Let's make sure that everyone gets there safely. Treat the roads as if it were YOUR family next to you, behind you, getting on the ramp, and turning the corner. I realize there are deadlines but it's not worth risking lives to be on time. Let's all think about others when we are on the road and everyone will arrive with a smile.

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