American Aquarium have shared more details about their upcoming album Chicamacomico, including a brand new single. Released today (April 15), "All I Needed" gives listeners a sneak peek of what's to come from the band's next LP, which is set for release on June 10 via Thirty Tigers.

"All I Needed" explores the power of hearing a song at just the right time. We've all found ourselves in moments of pain that feel like they'll never end, but sometimes healing or just temporary relief can come from unexpected places. American Aquarium's latest track manages to describe that form of musical catharsis while supplying its own anthemic magic, tailor-made for turning up loud with the windows rolled down.

Watch the music video for "All I Needed" below:

American Aquarium's tour comes ahead of their next album Chicamacomico, which is due out later this year. The title is a reference to the name of an island off the coast of North Carolina and a U.S. Coast Guard facility that was located there. Thematically, the project is centered around loss in its many forms, from the loss of loved ones to the struggle of losing your own direction in life.

Thanks to a crowdsourcing effort, Chicamacomico was fully funded by fans just under 46 hours after the campaign's launch. The band recorded the project in November 2021 at Sonic Ranch, the world's largest residential recording studio, which is located in Tornillo, Texas.

"In my sixteen-year career, I have never been prouder of a set of songs, lyrically or stylistically," B.J. Barham said in a statement. "They have weight, but they aren’t weighed down. It’s a sad record, that makes you feel good. It's a culmination of nearly two decades of work. Chicamacomico sounds like nothing we've ever done yet it sits comfortably amongst the rest of our catalog."

American Aquarium recently announced additional dates for their Chicamacomico Tourwhich includes concert stops across the U.S. through the end of September. You can find a full list of dates and more ticketing information at American Aquarium's official website.

American Aquarium, Chicamacomico Track List:
1. "Chicamacomico"
2. "Little Things"
3. "Just Close Enough"
4. "The First Year"
5. "Built To Last"
6. "Wildfire"
7. "The Things We Lost Along The Way"
8. "Waking Up The Echoes"
9. "The Hardest Thing"
10. "All I Needed"

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