At first glance, it resembles someone with really long arms wearing a cowboy hat, but the more you stare at the image, the weirder it looks. What exactly did this security camera capture in the middle of the night?

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Maybe you can figure it out. If so, officials in Amarillo, Texas want your help. They are currently trying to identify a strange figure seen on a surveillance camera at the city zoo last month.

Amarillo Zoo Mystery

According to KWTX, security cameras at the Amarillo Zoo captured the bizarre image around 1:25 a.m. on May 21st inside a perimeter fence. KFDA reported that there were no signs of vandalism, and no one tried to enter the zoo.

City officials also said no animals or people were harmed. Michael Kashuba, Director of Parks and Recreation for Amarillo, stresses that the entity was seen outside the zoo. He's asking for people to submit ideas for what the figure could be to solve the mystery.

Could It Be an Alien?

Did a visitor from outer space go to the zoo? Is it possible that a creature from out of this world was caught on camera? People in Texas have been reporting seeing strange things for many years. In fact, Texas ranks 4th across the nation in UFO sightings with 3,848 sightings.

In the meantime, the mystery creature is being referred to as a UAO - Unidentified Amarillo Object. If you think you know what the image really might be, you can contact the City of Amarillo communications office at

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