It turns out I did have a Valentine yesterday! I got the most awesome gift yesterday! The gift that I got yesterday was so much more than a Valentine's Day gift, it was a heart felt gift. This one of the most precious gifts I could have been given and I'll tell you why.

This gift is so special to me because someone paid attention to me. Someone remembered me saying I really wanted this. Someone paid attention to ME! I myself had even forgotten that I had said I had wanted this.

My friend Kim at "Happy Everything" does some much. She is always so busy, so the fact that she took time out of her day to make this for me and bring it to me means the world to me. She said I had asked her to make this for me a long time ago. That shows a person who truly cares about you and truly loves you.

I have always know Kim was one of my greatest friends but yesterday just meant so much to me. 

humble and kind

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