If you're anything like me-you LOVE McDonald's Breakfast. My two favorites are the Sausage McMuffin with Egg meal with hashbrowns and coffee, and the other is the two sausage burrito meal with hashbrowns and coffee. It's a fairly regular Saturday morning ritual for me to swing thru, grab one of the two of those, and head over to the radio station for a bit to get some work done while the office is closed. Another thing that I love are Apps-and how easy they've made life for us fast food junkies who wanna order before we leave the house so that all we need to do when we pull thru is grab our stash and go! Having said that-rewind to last Saturday.

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I was running a bit later than usual so I didn't get my order into the app until a few minutes after 10 am. Got in the car and headed that way, and when I go there BOTH drive-thru lanes were packed with cars (slightly unusual for that time-most people come thru a bit earlier and get breakfast--at least that's what I imagine because this was the first time coming thru the lines at that time with it SO packed! But I sat in my car, inching towards the speakers first, telling them my order code from the app, and then the drive-thru window... Sitting in my car thinking "Well--that's ok because even if breakfast time ends and it's 10:30 or a few minutes later, they should still have my order because it was placed AND paid for well within breakfast time parameters". WRONG.

Bangkok, Thailand - Mar 4, 2017: customer receiving hamburger and ice cream after order and buy it from McDonald's drive thru service

When I got up to the window, I was informed breakfast time was over (it was 10:35 am) and I now had to order a lunch item if I wanted something to eat, as they weren't serving breakfast anymore. I tried to plead my case, and the manager came to the window and said "It doesn't matter what time the order is placed-it matters what time you get to the window for pickup. Doesn't matter if you've already paid on the app--it won't charge you because you haven't picked up the food. That charge will drop off your card in 3 to 5 business days". Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. So consider this a heads-up for you app users--be sure to allow yourself plenty of time when you order to get to the window--or else you're out of luck!

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