Went to CVS and got the Johnson and Johnson "Janssen" vaccine a couple days ago. Waited to write about it until I felt like I had experienced any and all side effects, so that I could speak on it intelligently from a first hand experience. I purposefully waited until this version of the vaccine was available in our area because I didn't want to have to go get two shots a few weeks apart. I wanted one and done. Plus I've heard horror stories about those who do the 2 shot versions--that when the second shot happens it causes bad side effects. So this was the one for me!

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Gwen actually made the phone call and got us added to the waiting list for a day they had extra vials of the vaccine because someone didn't show up for their scheduled appointment or cancelled. Just so happened that the day she called--we were able to get in that very same day since they had the right amount of cancellations. I am not one who typically has any side effects from any medications and I don't usually have any kind of adverse reaction when getting a vaccine injection. So I was pretty optimistic about how this was going to go.


The actual process was pretty painless--from the initial paperwork down to getting the actual shot. Went pretty quickly. And of course--they make you wait 15 minutes afterward to insure you don't have a bad reaction and need medical attention. Once everything was said and done, I headed back to the office to do some more work. My arm wasn't even sore. What I DID have was a metallic taste in my mouth-so having some mints around turned out to be a Godsend.

It wasn't until late that night that I actually experienced some discomfort in the opposite shoulder from where I got the injection. Put some icy hot on it and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and experienced some nausea and was hot and flushed.... Felt better after a shower. Have had a few "twinges" of pain near where the injection site was but otherwise for the most part--I think that's been about it. I'm hoping I've turned the corner now and things will be better from here. My wife on the other hand--who got the shot with us--felt very run-down and "ill" with some stomach issues yesterday--along with a low grade fever. But she seems to be on the mend today and hoping the corner has turned for her as well.


All in all--worth it if it means we're covered from catching this, or from having it as bad as it can potentially get for some. I feel better having done it and feel more secure in my daily travels than I did before. Still wearing my mask in public (personal choice) but definitely recommend it. I think the Johnson and Johnson shot is the way to go!

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