Aaron Watson has released not one, but two new songs ahead of his Red Bandana album release. "Riding With Red" is a cowboy anthem, while "Old Friend" is all-out catchy.

"Riding With Red" is available to listen to above. A visualizer for the track features Watson standing next to his truck — of course, he's wearing a red bandana — with the mountainside behind him. "Old Friend," meanwhile, will likely get stuck in your head for days.

"We all got troubles, we all got pain / Yeah, everybody's got their own versions of cocaine / Nobody's perfect, like a thorn on a rose / I've got a closet full of skeletons underneath my clothes / Long overdue for confessing my confessions / I'm the hypocrite poster boy perfecting imperfection," Watson sings in the chorus of "Old Friend."

Both "Riding With Red" and "Old Friend" are instant grat tracks for those who pre-order Red Bandana. Watson's new album will feature 20 new songs — which he wrote solo — and is due for release on June 21. He also co-produced the album alongside Jordan Lehning, and the record will be released on his own independent record label, BIG Label Records.

Watson's new release will help mark his 20th year in the music business. The debut track from Red Bandana, “Kiss That Girl Goodbye,” is currently a Top 10 hit in Texas and is beginning to break out at other stations nationwide.

Watson is also preparing for his upcoming headlining tour, the Red Bandana Tour. The trek's first stop is on June 8 in Nashville, and it will run through September.

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