The old saying is very true if you don't like the weather in West Texas give it a minute and it will change. Up until the last week or so the Permian Basin, Midland/Odessa hasn't seen very low temperatures. We might have seen some cooler spells but nothing that has been cold until lately.  Last weekend was probably the coldest consecutive days we have seen since last winter.  When I was looking at the weather this morning the National Weather Service Midland was saying we would have sunny skies and temps in the 60s for the upcoming weekend. Later this afternoon, I saw an update this afternoon that has everything changing and a big white cloud across the Permian Basin.

According to the National Weather Service Midland, the warm and dry conditions we are seeing right now could take a turn later in the week bringing in a winter storm system that could produce snow and heavy snow into the Panhandle. As of right now, there is a low chance of wintery precipitation but that could change. Temps will be in the 50s/60s on Tuesday and Wednesday but Wednesday night things will begin to change. A cold front will arrive late Wednesday day bringing wind and cooler temperatures to Thanksgiving day.

Here are a few things the National Weather Service is keeping an eye on to hopefully be able to tell us more soon:

  • The exact track of the storm system
  • How cold and what kind of precipitation will fall
  • Where the precipitation will fall
  • How much precipitation will fall

This could impact your travel, so stay up to date. I will keep you posted when I know something more.

I can say I wouldn't be sad if it snowed on Thanksgiving.

NWS Midland
NWS Midland


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