Word is a three day music festival is returning to the Permian Basin and it's not Crudefest. According to the Midland Reporter Telegram it's going to be huge. In an article posted by the MRT today here is what they said:

ODESSA, TX - The Permian Basin's first MAJOR 3-day music festival is coming in 2022. The official kickoff party of WTX Manifest Music and Arts will take place at Dos Amigos on Friday, November 12, 2021. Planners of this major music and arts festival describe this event to be similar in scale as Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Austin City Limits.

“We anticipate an attendance upwards of about 35,000 – 40,000 guests per day,” said Oscar Aguilar, owner and president of PlanMasters GPS, LLC, “The location, details and potential line-up of this event will be unveiled at the kick-off party next month at Dos Amigos. Multiple West Texas counties, cities, towns and countless businesses stand to benefit greatly not only from the influx of tourists but from the national exposure this event will bring with it. An event of this magnitude has never been held out here in West Texas and we feel confident that this will become an annual event.”

The kick-off party will feature special performances by country music award winner Jack Ingram, Latin Grammy nominees La Energia Norteña and up-and-coming star, Texas native Remy Reilly. There will be free gifts, special festival announcements and an exclusive festival offer for those in attendance.

Who could be coming? What kind of music could it be? The kick off party to announce the artist is at Dos Amigos on November 12th and the tickets are $60 to see Jack Ingram, Energia Nortena, and Remy Reilly. You will also have a chance to win tickets to the festival that night.

It's probably going to be pretty big if the tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster.


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