A race only imaginable by some--and not most. An Ostrich and a Camel. Reminds me of the old Tortoise and the Hare race cartoon with Bugs Bunny when I was a kid. Where the Hare had the clear advantage over the Tortoise until the Tortoise exposed his special shell that had the jet booster rockets built in it. Cheating, right? Well, maybe the Camel will need some booster rockets this Sunday at Zia Park Casino in Hobbs as the races take place in between horse races. There is also a Meet & Greet on Saturday where you can bring the kids down to meet the animals and take pictures with them. So put the family in the car and take the short drive to Hobbs and have some fun this weekend!

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You can also win your way in with Gwen and Gunner on the morning show on Thursday morning at 9:10. They'll take two callers--at 563-8-923 or 561-8336. Each caller chooses who they think will win--the Camel or the Ostrich. Then--Gwen and Gunner will fire the gun and send the animals off to the races! Whichever animal wins the race--the caller who chose them wins a two nights hotel stay at Zia Park Race Track and Casino. Both animals are very fast in their own right so it won't be easy to choose who will be the winner of the race. Camels can run up to 40 miles per hour, while Ostriches average about 43 miles per hour. So it's a pretty even race.

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