The Powerball jackpot is up to $900 million tonight. This is one of the biggest jackpots in Powerball history. We all have ideas about what we would want to do if we won. I know many of us would pay off our debt, maybe buy a new home or car, and probably take a lavish vacation but what are some things that we SHOULD do? Here are your answers according to Forbes. 

Sean Gladwell

1. Remain Anonymous

If the state allows you to keep your anonymity you should. Not only will everyone you have ever known come calling but so will charities, scammers, and people you have never even met!

2. Hire a CPA or Financial Planner

You will want to seek tax advice from a professional when it comes to your winnings. They will advise you on how to take your winnings, either in a lump sum or monthly payouts.

3. Don't Make Any Sudden Lifestyle Changes

Hold off on buying anything extravagant like houses and cars. You will also want to hold off on quitting your job.

4. Pay Off Your Debt

Pay off everything! This means your house, your car, credit card debt, and other debt you may have.

5. Get A Lawyer

You will need someone looking out for your best interests, especially on the legal side.

6. Give To Charity

With all that money you should want to give back but you should plan on donating to charities for tax purposes. You will get a tax break to help pay all those taxes you will be paying on your millions.

Good luck to everyone tonight. If you win please don't forget little old me just here working in radio.

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