I was curious if deer-vehicle accidents were common in the basin?  I was told yes.  I found a site that gave suggestions on how NOT to hit a deer

  • if a deer does run in front of your vehicle, brake firmly but do not swerve. Swerving can cause a vehicle-vehicle collision or cause the vehicle to strike a pedestrian or potentially deadly fixed object, such as a tree or utility pole
  • Deer often travel in pairs or groups, so if deer are spotted crossing the road, slow down and be alert that others may follow
  • Briefly use flashers or a headlight signal to warn approaching drivers when deer or moose are spotted in or near the highway
  • Do not rely on devices, such as deer whistles, extra lights or reflectors, to deter deer. Research has shown that your best defense is your own responsible behavior
  • Use caution when driving at dawn or dusk and scan roads and roadsides ahead
  • Rude-dolph
    Steve Mann

    This deer is saying "Nah nah you can't hit me".

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